My 2024 Craft Room Tour by Andrea Lake

My 2024 Craft Room Tour by Andrea Lake

Hello, friends! A few weeks ago, I shared my creative space with the SCT Magazine community, and I wanted to share it with you today. I have been in this space for a little over a year, and I love it. This is by far the most functional space I’ve ever had. It is also the biggest and the first one with a door.  But what makes me the happiest about this room is that I have a lot of space to display some of my mini albums, layouts, and the products I get to work with daily.

 The one thing I would change about this space is the lighting. Even though there’s a window, I still need a lot of artificial light while recording videos and taking photos. Apart from that, it’s perfect for me.  The previous house owners used this space as an office, and they left the shelves I now use to display some of my mini albums. I added a long tabletop and knew I needed a pegboard under those shelves. This (almost) wall-to-wall wide pegboard displays a few copies of the SCT Magazine, embellishments from collections I am currently working with, as well as stencils, stamps, and a couple of extra mini shelves. The tabletop houses some of my most-used tools such as my We R Makers Cinch and Multi Cinch machines, my die-cutting machine, hot foil, and letterpress tools, as well as my typewriter.

As you come into the room, to the right, you’ll find my We R Makers project cart. I use it to house projects I am currently working on or my priority projects. I have a tabletop with my Inkjet printer and my Epson Ink Jet PrinterSilhouette Cameo 4, and it rests on top of three drawer units from Ikea. I use those to keep different embellishments, tools, notebooks, punches, inks, etc. The tabletop is connected to the main table on the back wall, and I have some open space under the right side where I keep two 2-tier rolling carts with my mixed media products, 6×8 paper pads, mixed media products, and die-cutting machine accessories. Next to these carts is an Ikea unit where I keep my Cinch accessories, silicone mats, watercolors, embossing tools, and other embellishments.

For my desk, I have two tables creating an L-shape. I create the projects, record, and take photos on the left table, and keep my sewing machine, pens, scissors, etc., to my right. My adhesives, punches, and most frequently used tools are in drawers to my left. Right in front of my desk, in the ‘closet’, I have a couple of Ikea units that house all of the collections I am working with for my design teams. I use 24 of the stackable trays and a couple of Ikea trays. Most of my metal dies, clear stamps, hot foil, and letterpress plates are in clear containers, and I am using one of the We R Makers tool organizers to keep my smaller tools all in one place. I have 13x13 fabric cubes where I keep basic materials such as chipboard, plain cardstock, copy paper, sticker paper, etc. I also keep a few paper collections, additional magazines, etc. I also keep a whiteboard calendar showing all my deadlines and special events. I always have my Simplified planner with me, but I love the way the calendar looks on the wall. I need to remind myself I have a full-time job, so staying organized and on top of all things crafty is a must for me. 

Make sure to check the walkthrough video below where I share more details on how I organize my drawers and shelves with my most-used tools and products!

I hope you are inspired to create the best space that works for you and that makes you happy. Thank you so much for stopping by! 


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